Project: Consilence

"Consilience" was our first public art piece, installed in 2000 at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  The piece was inspired by the book of the same name by Edward O. Wilson.  The design expresses how the sciences once were united as "natural science" but over time have become fragmented and specialized. It is important however to reconnect these sciences in order to understand them accurately.

This project is very meaningful to me personally.  It was the first time Lee and I worked through the application process of public art.  It was our first presentation to a panel, which allowed us to express our vision and dream for the space.  Our first awarded Public Art commission.

At the time, our studio was not big enough for the layout of this project.  We ended up using a studio space at Anderson Ranch Arts Center to create the drawing.  

We worked with Myers Architectural Steel on the framework.  Lee and I drove up and down the Valley with each piece of glass several times to assure a precision fit.  When the time came, Myer's drove the framework down with a crane for installation.  It was all so large and massive and excellent.

Another first was that Dylan Balderson was on board for this installation.  It was obvious from the start that his skills of precision were just what we needed.

This piece still stands in the Kraemer Family Library at UCCS.  In the words of Teri R. Switzer, Dean of Kraemer Family Library, "In addition to serving as a room divider and creating a calm peaceful presence, the wall is a work of art that takes the viewer down several roads.  Each time I look at it I see something different." 

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Jacq setting glass into the frame

Jacq setting glass into the frame

"Consilience 2000"